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    Organic skin care products and natural cosmetics contain herbs, oils, and extracts produced without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified ingredients. Well-known ingredients to be avoided are parabens and SLS. The ultimate benefit of choosing natural and organic alternatives is that they effectively provide long-lasting health to our skin. Organic cosmetics usually have higher levels of natural nutrients contained in essential vitamins and minerals.

    Top 6 Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care Products

    1-They’re Better for the Environment
    Simply put natural skincare products are better for the environment than synthetic skincare products. synthetic chemicals have the potential to harm animals and plants which they come into contact with. Should the synthetic chemicals from a synthetic product dissolve into the ground, they could have dire consequences on surrounding ecosystems.
    2. Secondly
    The processes associated with manufacturing traditional skincare products put a great deal of stress on the environment. This is because the extraction of certain ingredients (aluminum, lead, etc.) requires mining. Mining produces a great deal of pollution, ultimately leaving a negative carbon footprint on the environment.
    Natural skincare products forego the use of such ingredients, therefore don’t necessarily need mining. And ultimately because they use only natural ingredients, they cause no harm to the surrounding plants and animals.
    3-They’re Safer
    See, when a skin care product is applied to the skin, it’s ingredients slowly sinks into the bloodstream. hence, they have a direct effect on many body processes. If the ingredients are beneficial, they’ll have beneficial effects. If, on the other hand, they’re a detrimental, they’ll have adverse effects on the body.
    4-Their Manufacture Doesn’t Harm Animals
    You might be shocked at how many skincare product manufacturers test their products on animals. A many of the industry’s big names continue to the obvious detriment of the animals being tested. The good news is that natural skincare product manufacturers forego animal testing, and, in fact, do nothing to harm other living beings. In this sense, they are more ethical and more empathetic than a good many of the synthetic brands.
    5-They’re Packed with Beneficial Nutrients
    The most poignant way to highlight the differences between synthetic and natural skincare products is to discuss their ingredients. The ingredient profiles of the two types of products are wildly different, to the point that they don’t even resemble similar products. On one hand natural cosmetic products are filled with familiar sounding ingredients which are beneficial for the body but on the other hand traditional cosmetic products are full of heavy metals and harmful components.
    6-They’re Easier on the Skin
    One of the biggest problems with synthetic skincare products is that they’re harmful to some individuals’ skin. Certain ingredients contained within these products can cause everything from swelling to redness to itchiness to a sudden allergic reaction. For this reason, they’re better avoided altogether. This is why it’s generally a better idea to pick natural products. Natural products are free of irritants, and instead of being a detriment to the skin, they are actually good for it.